Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Because I don't worry enough....

I've decided to worry about my blog. I know. I'm a nut.

Really, I wonder how I can make it more interesting. I look at other blogs and they have all kinds of fun and interesting stuff going on. I just can't figure out how to be that fun and interesting. I mean, I could talk about my jello shooter incident, and i could tell you how I write with two doggie beds (filled with dogs) at my feet. But is that more interesting than anything else I do? I don't think so.

I will tell you about a great author I just discovered. I read my first Beatrice Small book recently. I can't believe she's been writing since the 70s and I never heard of her. Sometimes I feel like I've been living in a cave. Anyway, I read her latest release and really enjoyed it. If you've been living somewhere dark too, you might want to give her a read.

Speaking of reading, my dear friend Mackenzie McKade just told me that her steamy hot novel (co written with Cheyenne McCray) is an ecataromance reviewers choice winner. Yay! Mackenzie and Cheyenne!
all for now. Back to my boring life.,


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin! I owe you an email for Whispers. I know! I've so bad, but it turns out I'm very good at procrastinating, lol. I do find your blog interesting, and though I may not comment, I make a point to drop by every few days to check it out.


Erin Grady said...

Hi Isabelle--thank you for stopping by. Now you have me so curious...what email about Whispers do you owe me? :-)