Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It hurts to be beautiful

Did anyone else ever hear their mom say this one? Mine would throw it out when she was brushing my hair (translate--releasing her frustrations by ripping my hair out at the roots with a comb that was never meant for hair under the age of 10).

I've been thinking having my manuscript critiqued is a lot like the hair experience. My CP is wonderful--she always manages to get to the core of what is right--and what is wrong. I just got back a stack of bleeding pages and I'm thinking, I don't care if I'm beautiful. I'm just tired of the pain. But in truth, I do care and it's totally worth the pain.

I'm one of those writers that gets too close to my story and I often can't see the pages for the paragraphs...or is that the paragraphs for the words? I'm always a little stunned when my CP points out something that should have been obvious...but wasn't until she put up the flashing red light for me.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my pain. :-)


India Carolina said...

I feel your pain! Six months ago my rather brilliant cp told me that my first three pages were the worst three pages in my manuscript. Talk about a red flag.

Although I'd done many other revisions, and taken much criticism to heart, for some reason that particular point was just too painful to let sink in.

Today, it just hit me that I couldn't let the weakest part of my story be the first thing people read. In fact, there shouldn't be a weakest part of the story. So finally, I rewrote the first three pages!

And it didn't hurt nearly as badly as I thought it would!


Beth Weber said...

My aunt Stacy used to say this every day, whether it was to herself, someone else, or just to say it. She died wen I was 9 years old. I am now 16and because of that saying I am a much better person. At first I thought of it as wearing high heels or brushing my hair, but now that I'm older I see that it's about being the better peron as well. It's always easier to agree and just go with the flow, but what realy makes a beautiful person is someone who is willing to go through hell to stand up for what's right. My aunt Stacy was the most beautiful woman I knew.