Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sad, but it is what it is

One of my optimistic New Year's resolutions was to blog on more frequent and regular basis. I made it with the idea that it would be no problem to do. But lately my life is just spiraling out of control. My day Jay Oh Bee is sucking the life out of me--in a good way, if there is such a thing as a good way to have the life sucked out of you. I'm working on a huge and exciting project. If you know me, you know I work at Intel--probably the most competitive environment in the world. Competitive in that it's filled with over achievers and we're all trying to do something amazing and competing for our personal best.

Now the following may sound like an Intel plug, but it's not intended to. The group I work for manages the part of Intel that most people don't know about--the Corporate Social Responsibility part. Intel gives a ton of money away each year to help communities around the world--which is great, but there's so much more than just writing a check. This year Intel will be 40 and as part of the celebration, we are driving a volunteer program with a goal of 1 million community service hours by our employees to our world wide communities. So we'll all be out in droves in our Intel Involved t-shirts helping charitable organizations with our time AND for every hour we work, Intel will pay that non-profit charity some bucks. Cool, huh?

So what's been keeping me busy is I am working to get the database which will track all this volunteering in place. Not an easy task. to complicate matters, I'm scheduled for a sabbatical -- which means I get 8 weeks off work -- starting in February. So I've got so much to get done before, it's crazy.

Thus, my lack of posting. I've been doing Intel stuff Monday thru Sunday of late, but today I had to stop the bus and get back to my writing--and part of that means finally posting here to my blog. :-)

Next week I'll be in San Diego helping with the SDSU Writers Conference. I'm meeting with editors and agents while I'm there and hoping something good will come of it. Wish me luck!

Hope the new year has been good to all of you so far.


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