Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where did it go?

I've been absent for a while--not sure where the days have gone. Last weekend was the Desert Dreams writers conference. The conference coordinators (Susan and Tina) did an incredible job putting it on and it was much fun. I met a lot of interesting people but I was exhausted when I returned home. AND last Friday Calista did the follow up to our story in progress. Kaia started the story here. Erin added some humor here. Kallie added some suspense here. You'll find Calista's piece of the action here.

I'm having website issues too. I've updated the pictures page but can't get them to show up. GRRR. stay tuned. I will get it fixed soon!

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Heather Dawn Harper said...

Where did it go?

That is an excellent question.

I began reading Whispers (my reading time is so sparse since I have three monsters, I mean kids), and someone took off with my book.


I have to clean their bedroom now and see where they hid it. :(