Monday, July 10, 2006

Erin Grady, who?

First Mondays after vacation should be banned. No matter how good the vacation is, the first Monday back will always make you think, was it worth it? Looking at my pictures, I suppose it was. But back to reality really sucks, you know?

On a lighter note, the writing is going great. I'm thinking of a new title--instead of Vanished, which everyone on earth seems to have named their book this year, I'm thinking of calling it The Beckoning. And funny thing, as soon as I changed the title, my mind opened up to a million new ideas. So far so good. Thoughts?

I have friends who go away for weekends and focus on their writing. I wish I had the time/budget/lifestyle to allow such a thing.

A very nice woman named Ruth came to my house today to get some autographed books for friends and family. She heard me speak at the Southeast Regional Library when my book ECHOES came out. She missed me when I spoke there for WHISPERS, but saw the article the Arizona Republic did on me and got in touch through Howard at the library. Made my day to think she'd gone through so much trouble. She especially liked my bookmarks and door hangers.

I'm tired, it's late and though I should be writing, I barely have the brain power to blog. Such is life. To bed with me.

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Kallie said...

I love the new title!