Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday, 4 day weekend for me so why am I sad

Marriage sucks sometimes. I guess I could just leave it at that and be done with it. Those of you who have been married a long time like I have, know what I'm talking about. I've got 18 years under my belt but sometimes a fight still makes me feel like I'm in that first grueling year, when everything hurts.


Anyway, enough about that.

Topics for the day--I have some questions for everyone (if, in fact, there is anyone out there)

  1. I am looking for a July or August issue of Good Housekeeping. The other night in my Desert Rose RWA meeting, someone came up to me and said she'd seen the Doubleday/Rhapsody advertisement for Echoes and Whispers in it. She tried to take it out for me but ripped it. I haven't seen it and would love to. Do you have the magazine? Would you look for the ad and maybe send it to me?
  2. Next questions: the new book I'm working on has some very interesting and new characters in it. I'm setting it someplace new (Ireland) and I'm looking for people who are from Ireland who'd be willing to answer some questions for me. I won't get personal :-) But if you are Irish and willing (ha ha) would you contact me?
  3. Also putting a call out to people who were adopted or found a fairly permanent foster home when they were 10 or older.
  4. AND social workers who help place children in homes. Is this you? Would you be willing to answer some questions?

So I guess I'm not asking for MUCH am I?

On another note, this week Kallie Owens is up for the Round Robin. Let's see what she does with the unfolding story of Aaron and Leanne. You can find it here, probably sometime today:

Also, scroll down for info on our contest news for the round robin: Bunny Ears and Mud Wrestling Ain’t All Fat Frank is Up To!

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Cheyenne McCray said...

Hi, Erin! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll put you on my blog roll. :-) Sorry about the fight. I've been married 20 years, and those things will always happen. I stay in my office, he stays in his. *g*

For your question, I don't have an issue of GH--wish I did. I'm not from Ireland, so that's out. Not adopted or fostered. Sorry I can't help! Well, I am glad I'm not adopted or fostered. LOL And although I'd love to see Ireland, I'm happy to be from the U.S. :D