Wednesday, September 06, 2006


There are some days when I can't even SPELL the word perspective. I hate when I lose it, though. I've got this scene that I know is good--somewhere deep down, I know it. I got those, yes, I nailed it! chills when I was writing the scene. The first time I re-read it, I felt that glow of confirmation. Exactly! Last night, damned if it didn't read like the back of a cornflakes box--a generic brand at that. Sigh.

Hopefully the morning will make it better. If not, I going to drink. All day. And I'm not talking water.


Heather Harper said...

How about a prickly pear margarita?

I have no idea what is in that, btw. Didn't have the courage to ask the waiter.

And you do not write cereal box drivel. You rock. :)

Calista Fox said...

I agree with Heather. I think you're just being hard on yourself. :-) You really do rock!!