Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I feel guilty for not blogging, but honestly, I haven't really had a darned thing to say. I'm in a holding pattern with life, I guess. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing--just not a very newsworthy thing. September was a big push for me--got a new proposal off and the Desert Rose membership dinner plus my trip to Utah. The month was basically a blur and now I just don't have umph to report anything.

We did have a winner for our Fat Frank and Tooney Salooney contest. April Harvey did an amazing job--read her part of our Round Robin on Calista Fox's blog here:

Way to go, April!!!


Heather Harper said...

You should not feel guilty. Blog when/if you can.

Be happy. :)

Cheyenne McCray said...

Don't feel guilty! Sometimes there's just nothing new to say. I go through that a lot. I have news now, but if you go back through my posts, there are some dry spells. LOL. I only babble about what's going on in my life--nothing important!