Sunday, October 29, 2006

My own worst enemy

I had my cards read last night. It was very cool, very interesting and very fun.

I've had my cards read before and it always amazes me when they hit on something that really makes sense. (Don't ask me why it amazes me--that's what I'm there for , right?)

Anyway, she said I was my own worst enemy. That I'm so caught up in the business worries and woes, that I'm hurting my own creativity. I knew this. Even as she was saying it, I was nodding my head. I've opening talked about how I hurt myself during the writing of WHISPERS with all my needless worrying. But sometimes I need to hear a thing before it really sinks past the curly hair, the skull and into that thing I call a brain.

So my "Two Days Before Halloween" resultion? No more worrying. I'm going to write my books the best I can and focus on what I can control. She told me to do mirror work. My family is going to think I'm nutso-but I am going to do it.

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