Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why is it?

that my husband thinks the time I'm most irresistible is the time I've set aside for me? I'll never understand it. If I'm in the office, door closed, hard at work, that's when he has to ask me burning questions--like, where is the syrup? Or pester me with chores like, did you get your tax stuff ready?--even though we never have our tax stuff ready until months late (yes, we do file an extension). Or, the classic, do you want to do it?

yes dear, nothing makes me want to jump in the sack more than being totally focused on my writing, child-free for another 6 hours, and still in my jammies, unshowered.


Okay, enough venting. So where have I been the past month? Feverishly finishing the story I wrote for the IN THE CHILL OF THE NIGHT anthology coming out in October. Other contributors to this Halloween collection are Melanie Atkins--whose suspenseful BLOOD RITE has a great review in RT this month--Lynne Connolly who writes dark, suspenseful urban Gothics and Shawna Moore--who writes steamy hot books. I feel very honored to be in this collection with such talented writers!
I will be hosting interviews with them later this summer and I'm really looking forward to that.
Anyway, could someone give my house a call and tell my husband he's needed, um, somewhere other than here?

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