Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So I spent the ENTIRE weekend stressing over a rewrite I wanted to do before I ship my manuscript off to another agent who has asked for it. I wanted to get out asap, but I also want it to be so amazing that there's no choice in the matter but to love it.

So what do I do? I start ripping the damned thing apart, burned up 30 hours rewriting something only to decide it was better the first way. Now I have to put it back together again. Yes, I am an idiot sometimes. sigh.

Well actually, I did discover one thing that I needed to be fixed and I so it is better for the effort.
Anyway, kids are saying, MOM, c'mon!

Gotta run.


Anonymous said...

Hey quit ripping stuff up :-)
Walk away and try again.
I finally got to read one of your books YOU ARE AN AWESOME WRITER!
After Intel I finally got a position with KPMG a big 4 accounting firm. I am doing well. Sending out your web site quite a bit. Again You are great!
Nat Morales

Anonymous said...

Hey remember your gut instinct is the best not matter what anyone says. (OK maybe if it comes from an Editor or Agent that's different)

Good job on getting the ms out! It's an excellent read!