Thursday, May 11, 2006

11 days later and I still can't believe it's May

This whole year has been a blur, but especially May. It's moving at rocket speed. I think it's because things have been very busy for me at my day job and I'm stressed that I won't get all the work done and then things have been very busy for me at my night job. I've been working and reworking the opening of my new book until now I'm so sick of it I can't stand the thought of reading it again. Isn't that sad?

Next week I leave for the Romantic Times convention. I'm looking forward to BEING there, but not to getting there. My flight will be long, the shuttle situation a nightmare and when it's all said and done I'll have spent 10 hours traveling. I'm no road warrior so this sounds like hell to me.
Anyway, I have about 25 minutes before my brain rebels and I completely shut down, so I think I'll try to tackle the sucky first chapter again. :-)

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