Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Love the library

Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking at my local library. Howard Carron at the Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert is the best. He brought in a great group of aspiring writers who had wonderful questions. I really enjoyed myself (and hopefully I didn't bore anyone too much). My friends Laura Lukes and Elaine Huettl were there as well which made it special. PLUS, I recieved a note from fellow author Pat Hubbard (AKA C. C. Harrison) telling me she loved Whispers. How good can one day be?

There days like today when I feel very special and even though I've only just begun on my own journey, I will, in fact, arrive.

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Ana said...

Hi Erin, You are a talented writer, the books you have written have some fabulous reviews. Keep on writing those great stories.