Thursday, June 15, 2006

Corrections and such

I was wrong (yes, it's true) about not one but two things. First I said check in tomorrow for a new post on the Round Robin story, aka Pandora's Box. Well, apparently yesterday I was thinking today was Friday. Big wrong. Wishful thinking wrong. And second I thought Kallie was up for the next installment, but apparently I've misplaced an entire week. Kallie posted last week and I have to tell you, it's a good one! She left it with a hook.

So Calista is the one to pick up the ears and get dirty. (gotta read it to get the joke, here). Unlike yours truly, Calista is punctual about her posts. More that that, she's early. Get up to speed. You'll find the whole shebang here (from first post to last):

And the latest installment here:

That's all the fun for tonight.

OH yeah, there was a big fat story on me in the Gilbert pages of the Arizona Republic today, complete with picture. It was very cool. Also interviews on Writerspace
and the motivated writer:

Okay, enough shameless self promotion.... at least for tonight.


Heather Dawn Harper said...

That was a great Q&A on the motivated writer.

Your book signing pics look super, btw. :)

Kallie Owens said...

Great write up girl!