Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday afternoon, 4 chicks, champagne, mud fights, bunny ears and a bun

You'll have to read the Round Robin to really understand the title of this post. I won't give you any hints, but the 4 chicks of 4 chicks and round robin got together yesterday to drink, laugh, snark and otherwise enjoy the fact that we are such good friends. Here are some pictures to prove it. (and because I'm going to take the other picture -- the one I've been bitch-slapped for having posted on my website because certain robins were wearing pajamas -- off the web.)

First picture, left to right, Kallie Owens, Calista Fox/aka Ava McKnight, Erin Grady and Kaia James. Second picture, back, Kallie Owens, Calista Fox/Ava McKnight, front, Kaia James and Erin Grady.

Life is good and I am forever grateful for the meeting of these three friends.

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