Friday, November 03, 2006

Still alive...

For someone who has a lot to say, I've been very quiet lately. Maybe I'm drainbamaged from my perm. I would report that I no longer look like Shirley Temple on steroids, but then I'd have to add that my resemblance to a mad scientist doesn't make that an improvement.

High points of the week? Still slogging through so much research that I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. But that's not so bad. I've found that I usually have that feeling just before I have a breakthrough.

Really high point? A friend from high school who I've wanted to get in touch with for about 15 years but didn't know how, googled me, found my website and sent me an email. How cool is that? Amy Adrian--have another memory for you--"na, na, na na na, Angel in the Centerfold..." yes, we were eighties be-boppers.

Check out these pictures. Do you think we should have used a little more eyeliner??? OMG, what were we thinking??? The picture with three of us is me, (red dress), Ann Korth (middle) and Amy Adrian in black. Then the one with two is Amy and me. We're all respectable mothers with jobs and less make up now. :-)

Kendall Hall, if you are out there, we're all looking for you.

Boy did we ever have fun, too much makeup and all. :-) Glad to be in touch with you again, Amy and Annie, glad we never lost touch in the first place. :-)

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Cheyenne McCray said...

I think you could have used a little more eye makeup. ;-) Great pictures! Come see the pic of my dad fighting a fire from 1970 with his muttonchop sideburns. LOL. I put it up with a picture of the quilt my mom made from it.

So, Shirley Temple on steroids, eh? Looking forward to seeing you at the next board meeting. :-)