Sunday, November 19, 2006

Zen Palace and other words from the zone

So I've been on this "kick" to simplify my life and especially clear my writing space of unwanted negativity. I learned some of the steps from my good friend Sherri. First, I cleaned my office. It had become so much clutter that I would come in, get on my PC and try to squeeze a spot out between stacks of books, papers, magazines, etc. Not a pretty picture.

So once I got everything clean and looking like a "real" writer ought to be working here, I lit some sage and went through every room in my house with the little smoking bundle and did some positive affirmations. After that my house smelled like pot, but I felt better. Then I brought in candles and incense. Now I write by candlelight.

The best time for me to write is early in the morning--early being a relative term of course. I know early for me is not the same as early for the rest of the world. But before my family is awake, I come into my office, light my candles and incense, and I write. So far it's been working for me. I think the ritual of lighting the candles settles my mind into the idea that it's time to get to work. The time before I really come awake, when I'm still groggy in fact, is when I am most creative. Apparently, my personal editor slash critic sleeps in (the bitch) so I get a lot done.

Which reminds me...It's time to get to work. :-)

Anyone out there have other "how to make a perfect environment" tips?


Heather Harper said...

"After that my house smelled like pot, but I felt better."

Lol! But feeling better is what is important. Just don't open teh windows. I'd hate for you to get arrested. ;)

ruby55 said...

I don't have any tips but I might pick up some ideas from you. I, too, have to clear a space for my keyboard and mouse between and stacks, sliding ones, of books and papers. I'm a classic procrastinator: What you don't feel like doing today, leave for a year (or more). This is facilitated by the fact that I don't usually feel very well and putting things off until I "feel better" has become a way of life. Not a good idea.

Erin Grady said...

Heather... I worry about you. :-) LOL. I made sure to tell my husband and teenager that I wasn't, in fact, getting stoned in the office. It just smelled like it.

Erin Grady said...

Ruby--you know, it will make you feel better to do this. I felt so good after everything was cleared away. And I have been writing like crazy. :-) This business is torturous enough without making the environment hell.