Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ending of an era

For the last year I've been vp of my local RWA chapter, Desert Rose. It was such a rewarding experience. Really, it was the first time I've ever volunteered for something so big. It was more than I'd expected in so many ways. More time, but more reward too. Not only did I make great friends, but I felt really good about my contributions. Anyway, if any of you out there have thought about volunteering for something, I recommend it.

That said, last night brought the end of my reign and the beginning of the new board's rule. I handed over my wheeled crate, manual and all other goodies to the new vp who will do an awesome job and now I am a free agent again. yay! I live a pretty busy life, and though I'm sad to say goodbye to the job, I'm also relieved to have some time freed up.

Anyway, good luck to the new board.

I'm am off to write now. Hope something big and wonderful drops in your lap, and something else drops off so you have the room to enjoy.

BTW, Clive above. I have a thing for him, I guess. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

How wonderful it is to know you enjoyed being VP of your chapter. It'll be nice to do other things for sure now that you had to pass on the torch. :)

I just heard from my local B&N, Whispers arrived so I'm off to pick it up this evening after work. I'll let you know as soon as I read it, I'm thinking I'll do a review over at RI. BTW, we moved and changed our name over at the blog. You'll find us now at

Thanks for all your wonderful blogs.

Clive is gorgeous, he is my inspiration for one of my very own heroes. *G*


Erin Grady said...

Hey Isabel-- you are going to have to let me know if you like the books. I hope you do. Thanks so much. I'll update the link to Romantically Inclined!

Anonymous said...

Erin, Whispers is awesome! I'll definitely let you know more when I'm done. I love the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. I can totally see why this book got all that praise and positive reviews.

Thanks for updating the RI link :)