Thursday, December 21, 2006

What's new?

Haven't written in a while--mainly because life is so busy this time of year. I help with the SDSU Writers Conference every year--it's a labor of love that I've done for 18 years! Man I'm old. Anyway, I used to work at SDSU when I was way younger--10 years I was there until we moved to Arizona. After my move, they asked me to continue part of my role as conference facilitator--so I schedule all the appointments between editors and agents. I really enjoy it because it's the best feeling in the world to have people talk to me after their appointments and tell me that it went well. Makes me feel like a stepping stone on their roads to success.

On top of that there is work at the real job. Oh, and that Christmas thing. :-) I'm down to the last few things to exchange and buy today. That's good. I haven't done ANY baking this year though. Not so good. :-(

Okay--so here's my big news. I've been asked to be part of an anthology that Triskelion is doing. It will be released next year in October--In the Chill of the Night is the title. I'm to write a spooky story. I love that.

Hope you all are having a great one....


Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to wish you a Happy holiday season to you and yours. I enjoyed Whispers very much! You're now an autobuy for me ;) Will email you soon to talk about the book.


Erin Grady said...

Isabel--how sweet of you to stop by AND to tell me you loved Whispers. Yay! Thank you for the Christmas card as well. You are too good to me.

Happy Holidays to you!