Wednesday, May 02, 2007

me so boring...

I wish I had a ton of stuff to say here, but I've been just plain boring lately. the only exciting thing to happen is our new puppy. Her name is Nala and she's a doll. Here's a picture of her.
If you've read any of my books, you know that I love animals and they frequently make guest appearances in my stories. I'm sure Nala is going to find a place in one soon.
Other than puppies and such, life is going along in a very predictable way. Writing, working, living. I've nothing to complain about (which is good). But I've nothing to report here either, which isn't so good.
What can I say? I'd rather be boring then stressed out.


Heather Harper said...


You should read my post today. It'll make you want to hug your puppy.

Anonymous said...

I just TAGGED you on my blog, Erin. :-)