Monday, March 03, 2008

Busy girl

I have 7 weeks left of sabbatical and I can finally spell the word without having to be corrected by spell check, lol. This weekend I am off to Utah to visit my good friend Lynn Coulter. We do a writers retreat that is the best. I'm really looking forward to the escape and time with Lynn.

Next weekend starts spring break for my kids. We are going to San Diego for a few days to visit family and then we're going to Knotts Berry Farm for some thrills and fun.

Back for a week and then I'm off to see my sister in Colorado. Colorado used to be home for me, but I've been gone for along time. I haven't actually been back since my class reunion in 2001.

Back from that and then Desert Dreams conference is the next weekend. Don't know about the conference? Want some more info? Go to:

After that it's my birthday and then the final week until I go back to work. Unless, of course, I sign that million dollar book deal and top it off with a movie deal, lol.

Back to the writing. I didn't hit my page count yesterday, by I did make some serious progress so I'm okay with that. I need to get some pages out today though!

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