Sunday, February 12, 2006

Manic Sunday

Okay, so I am so behind the times. This is my VERY first blog. Today I've been trying to get some pages done so I can turn them in on my new book. I'm more a re-writer than a writer, so first draft is always brutal for me. Trying to get perfect first draft that my agent will be able to sell...well, I think I'd prefer having my teeth sharpened or even pulled. But 'tis fun, I suppose. I could be cleaning toilets.

On a personal note, my oldest daughter has entered the Oprah High School essay contest. If she wins, I get to go with her to be on a BookClub episode (audience, not guest, but WHO CARES. We're talking OPRAH!) So cross your fingers for me.

And my youngest daughter just got a beautiful new horse. She's off to ride it today. :)

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Heather Dawn Harper said...

What a pleasant surprise! I love your work. So glad to see you join the blogging masses.