Monday, February 20, 2006

Where did it go?

It's already Monday and the weekend was a blur. I've spent it reading Golden Heart entries--which have been wonderful this year. I thought my last year's batch was good, but I just finished two entries that made me wish I had the whole book to read. Hope they end up as finalists or at least on the bookshelves!

Now I have to finish up my RITA books and then on to the Golden Quill entries. What was I thinking when I volunteered for all this? Ah, well, on the happy note I did get my proposal off to my agent and hopefully she will deliver it to an editor who has been waiting for just such a story to come across her desk... (there's a reason I write fiction).

hey Christina who left me a comment and entered the Oprah contest like my daughter did... have you heard anything? We're still waiting for the phone to ring here. :-)

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