Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

So today was an awesome day. I got the first review to come through on my April release, Whispers. Affaire de Coeur gave it 4 stars and said: "The history of the Beck women and of Diablo Springs is spun through past and present by a master weaver of paranormal and romantic tales. Erin Grady’s narrative is superb and her characters are terrific. Whispers is steeped in atmosphere, emotions, and a fantastic storyline. This is one knock-out book and comes highly recommended."
Yay! They liked it.

I think I'm going to cut out the part about being "a master weaver" and make wall paper out of it for my office.

Also Healther posted a comment to my first blog which was way cool. Thanks, Heather. BTW, read your profile, saw your SNOW pictures. BRRR. I live in Arizona where it was 82 degrees today.

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Heather Dawn Harper said...


I've lived in Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

New England weather is new to me, but I love it! Congrats on your great review. :)