Friday, February 24, 2006


So what an incredible week I've had. My agent loves the submission I sent her. Yay!

And my editor for ECHOES and WHISPERS said the most incredible thing in an interview that was published in this month's RWR (Romance Writers Report).

It went like this:

Question: What is your all time favorite romance/women's fiction novel and what was so great about it?

Answer: This is a tie between Wuthering Heights and Echoes by Erin Grady. . . .Echoes was the first romance I edited at my last company, Berkley. When I read the submission, it blew me away--the plot and the writing were so vivid and (as Stephen Colbert would say) grippy. Erin is a great writer and she was a dream to work with; we really mind-melded on the edits. When the book was published, it was beautiful! We were very proud of it. Along with Erin's Agent [the wonderful Alicka Pistek] we all had worked hard and it paid off with this great piece of fiction that ended up winning awards and national recognition. I knew for sure after editing Echoes that I was in the right business.

So, what more could a writer want? The rest of the month can be nothing less than anticlimactic. :-)


Heather Dawn Harper said...

That is too fantastic. about Truthiness.

"Echoes made me forget I was reading fiction. It must have been the TRUTHINESS."


Erin Grady said...

LOL. That's a good one. Truthiness. I like it. :-)

Kallie said...

Right On! That's great news and wonderful publicity for you! Congrats girl!

Heather Dawn Harper said...

Stephen Colbert is the original truthiness teller.