Sunday, March 19, 2006

Isn't it Grand?

I just spent a fabulous weekend with my husband and daughters visiting the Grand Canyon. I'd never seen it before and was so glad we went. The weather was postcard perfect--it snowed on the train ride up, making the view out of our window wonderful. And then at the was breath taking. I wouldn't have missed a moment of it for anything.

Then, when I returned, it was to find a fabulous review of WHISPERS waiting in my inbox. The review was done by a new review site that also did an interview. I couldn't be more pleased about either. The review by Cindy said: " If you put one book on your to-be-bought list this month, WHISPERS should be it. WHISPERS is so much more than either a romance or a suspense. It is a combination of the very best in fiction, melding a compelling plot, gritty realism, and an emotional romance, into a tale that feels almost more fact than fiction." If you want to read the entire review, go to:

If you're interested in the Erin Grady interview, check out:

That's all for tonight!

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Scotty said...

Hey, had to check out the blog. Congrats on your latest success. Looking forward to seeing you at the signing.